Logan’s Adventures #001

Random trip to a campground in the middle of nowhere, BDSM sessions and parties in the big city of Nashville, and a ton of unsolicited opinions from guys during a low point. I get around, huh?

It’s been an adventurous past 3 days!


Wednesday: I spent time with a guy I was interested in for the second time, and it was... educational. Dipped out early (lol) and went back home for a spell, grabbed a supercharged latte, then drove into Nashville to have that hot session I mentioned ( in an earlier post) with a Dom I met at The Mark. It was predictably amazing - dude’s feet are fucking huge and wide and meaty and taste fucking perfect (and he knows it). After obsessing about them for a minute, I gave an a-class massage. Then, we sorted things around and made space for a wrestling session in his living room. This fucker is strong as hell, and probably the ONLY person I’ve met who is actually strong enough to physically best me and literally fling me around. Lots of making out, lots of impact, and lots of weight. ? I think the next session will possibly be better as  I’ve let my guard down a bit and don’t feel like I’ll scare him away.


I went to a gay bar (my usual) after leaving his place and drank a lot more than what I paid - as usual (starting to think the cute bartenders like me, haha). Dealt with an ex-marine narcissist but got a free drink out of his stupid, drunk ass. I win. ;)


Played UNO with the boys toward the back. We got on the topic of fetish at one point. Finally, I topped the night off with one more vodka and more unsolicited advice from a handsome stranger that I need to... tone down my personality and care about how I look more? He prefaced that with how much he’d totally go out with me, and how he thought I was breathtakingly handsome - and just needed to own it. So, like, I’m confused?


Thursday: Woke up on the couch with my coat still on, lmao. I must have been drunk the whole drive home. Oops. Got my senses about me, and decided on a spur of the moment trip to a gay campground about 1.5 hours away in Hampshire, TN: #WhisperingOaks. Made it there about 1PM and booked a cabin. I cackled, it was 50 shades of grey themed. Spent time with the guys all day, cabin late at night. All by myself. C: No sex. Or fetish. I was wildly horny though.


Round 3 of unsolicited advice from strangers, by one member of the camp gleefully lecturing me (by the fire) about having low self esteem by physical appearance and needing to stop letting people mess with me / harass me. And being so hard on myself.


I’d like to note that both my trip to the gay bar and the campground trip were BOTH decompression trips in which I wasn’t at my best. These people must have thought themselves master mind-readers, but I’m far more complex than that. The next person to do what they did will get “lid-flipped” Logan.

Friday: Decided to head back, and therefore did, to the contest of someone who wanted to come by WO to play with me in the evening. The Conductors (a gay leather group) would be there Friday night too, so hotness would have definitely ensued. But nah, really was using the trip to reboot. Drove home, it was meditative. Checked in with my roommate about things. Cleaned in the evening. Then headed out to Starbucks for tea. Then The Mark (BDSM club). Then the gay bar with the BDSM club gang.


Honestly? Awesome 3 days off.

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