STORY: Hello! I am Bob!

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My dear friends who like big guys to sit on them:

I wanted to say hi, and reintroduce myself.  I am Bob, a new member who is
blind.  I thought perhaps one of my experiences might be of interest.

A few years ago, a rather thin guy came to visit me.  I love sitting in guys' laps, facing them, and being held very tight. So we started with that. Then, I sat on this guys chest and stomach. I am less comfortable,
because there is nothing to help me keep my balance, but it worked out fine. Then, I got a brilliant idea. I had lots of mail to go through.So, I slowly got up, got the mail, sat down, (he helped me get
repositioned) and then I ordered him to read me my mail.  (I like being in

He managed to open the first letter, and started reading, which
wasn't easy as I am pretty darn heavy.  In the middle, I repositioned
myself, getting up and coming down real hard.  I got very comfortable, and
the poor chap struggled to read my mail.  He did a pretty good job between
gasps, and we both enjoyed it.  

I would be honored to hear from some of you.  Do any of you live near New
York?  Feel free to call me at 347-489-5324, or write, and Logan X.S. will make
sure I get your letters.

I wish you a happy belated Thanksgiving!

Two more things: I love it when a guy tries to lift me in a bear hug, with
me facing him, even if he can't. The effort is a turn on for me.

And, I love it when a guy tries to hold some long notes or tones for as
long as they can.  I had one guy who did this for me, after I had sat on
him, and I loved it.  I like it when a guy really tries his level best to
do what I ask, even if it is somewhat difficult.

Hugs to all of you very special guys, and Logan, thank you so, so much for
your extra help so I can be a part of this list.

Big Bob who, sadly, seems to be getting bigger every day.  And now, with
egg nog season coming: God knows what will happen!

Zdeněk 7 months ago

I am so glad someone awesome like you can be part of this community!