v4 Transition FAQ

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So, MxM relaunched its weight fetish social website on Saturday, October 19th 2019. Here’s everything you could possibly want to know about the update! This guide is geared toward users of the older sites, and we're constantly adding to the list. As always, you can reach out to us in a million different ways with your questions.

So, what’s going on? What is all this?

MxM, a team that's long been dedicated to the weight fetish community, is relaunching its foot domination and squashing website. This relaunch, known as v4, features a powerful new fetish site with better messaging, better profiles, more posting options, more community, more fetish representation, and a massively simplified and familiar interface.

You've been at this since 2017. What’s the point, though?

Fetish sites have a terrible habit of coming and going. We believe this community deserves something lasting, legit-looking, intense, ethical, and FUN. We want to offer a one-of-a-kind fetish community to do things we couldn't do if we were apart - like fetish events, stompy merch, unheard-of partnerships, and a powerful place to network.

Starting fresh is annoying. Do I HAVE to use the new site?

You will eventually have to. And want to because the new site is just so damn good. The transition has been slowed intentionally, though, to allow all of you to realize it exists, and to access old content on http://mxm-trampling.world (v3) until later in 2020.

Is it still free, or is MxM becoming a fetish paysite?

People are always worried about this, but we won't do you like that one site did some years ago. *wink* MxM remains free, with premium options eventually being offered.

My account and data is being transferred, right?

We wish, but nope. It’s a 60 second fresh sign-up. We know it’s inconvenient, which is why we’re keeping the site accessible until late 2020 - move or save stuff if you need to.

What's different in this version?

Literally, the difference is night and day. Some highlights:

    • Night Mode (we hope you got the pun)

    • Unified Video, Poll, Image, Location Posting w/ Global Feed

    • Ultra-simplicity

    • Saved Posts

    • Vastly improved messaging

    • FAST af

I don't want to join because I'm sick of you changing things.

Then don't. ;) Putting a community like this together has been a new (and difficult) experience for our whole kinky team. We won't apologize for being ambitious and trying to do something in a way that hasn't been tried before. That's how we win.

Why is MxM asking for my ID/Passport in Settings?! Huge red flag.

Technically, the flag should be deep magenta since that's our brand color. Kidding, relax - you're referring to verification, an *optional* badge to certify to other members that you're 18 or older - and who you say you are. We figured that we should give members the choice to set themselves apart from blank/anon profiles - you never know who you're talking to until you do.

How do I know this site is secure?

As you know, no website is impenetrable - but MxM follows the standard in protecting all information you share with the fetish site. A lock icon next to our URL (above) represents the encryption tied to your connection to our site. If it's there, you're good. On most browsers, you can click the lock icon to view the entire security certificate. If it wasn't valid, your browser would be warning you that visiting MxM is unsafe.