About MxM Network
Welcome to the MxM Network, a brand new fetish site for men - where you can express yourself without judgement. Established 2017. Join our powerful community as a member - takes seconds.

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In an age where major social networks are crowding and the NSFW community is being progressively alienated, the community/forums tradition of the 1990s-2000s deserves a comeback.

We started as a community purely for squashing, trampling, and foot domination fetish. Someone, somewhere, had the bright idea that guys deserved a place to express their kinks, no matter how taboo they were to people who didn’t understand - even other kinksters. As our presence has grown and diversified, members have invited their friends and play partners - along with their kinks and fetishes, beyond any scope we imagined.

Instead of a divisive presence where some kinks feel more welcome than others, we’re better together. We hope that MxM brings you everything you need and desire in a fetish community, connecting you to to like-minded guys near and far.

Express yourself - and welcome to MxM, a fetish community.