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Updated Thursday, December 12th 2019

There’s power in being surrounded by guys who get you - who won’t define you based on your race, age, sexual orientation, how much gear you own, amount of experience, disabilities, or what you’re into. This is why we created MxM International Fetish (“MxM”). Our House Rules / Terms of Service ensure that, no matter what you share or who is leading the site, you have a lasting framework for a whole community.

Article I – Membership

As a member or moderator, you agree that:

  1. 1. MxM is an adult fetish website for male persons ages 18 and older;
  2. 2. YOU are 18 years or older;
  3. 3. A valid account represents membership;
  4. 4. Membership is free unless the member chooses a paid account type;
  5. 5. Membership is valid only if ALL of the following are true: the member is 18 years of age or older, identifies as male, and is recognized by MxM as eligible;

    1. a. Eligible means not banned, removed, or blacklisted from any current or prior MxM site.
    2. b. A membership is automatically invalid and ineligible if a birthday is missing or not entered upon registration - accounts/memberships missing a birthday will be disabled, a notification will be sent to the member and eventually terminated if not corrected.
    3. c. A membership is automatically invalidated if your email address is invalid - accounts/memberships missing a valid email will be disabled and terminated.
    4. d. If you register for an account without being eligible for one, that account is invalid. Invalid accounts will be terminated & blacklisted (unable to register or participate on MxM sites).

  6. 6. A valid MxM membership grants provisional access to MxM via (https://net.mxmifc.com) & MxM Video library (https://videos.mxmifc.com);
  7. 7. MxM reserves the right to remove, disable, or terminate memberships that have been inactive for at least 365 days. You may or may not receive notice before that year passes;
  8. 8. Blocking an administrator or moderator defeats controls and is therefore forbidden on MxM - members that do so will be disabled, terminated, and potentially blacklisted;
  9. 9. Removing moderation-intended comments left on a member post (by a moderator) is forbidden on MxM - members that do so may be disabled, terminated, and potentially blacklisted;
  10. 10. MxM reserves the right to ultimately disable and/or terminate your membership/account for any reason at any time.

Article II – Moderation

As a member or moderator, you agree that:

  1. 1. Moderators are verified MxM members who volunteer their time to look after the site;
  2. 2. Moderators’ rights are bound by Article II, and their actions should be based on Article I [Membership] and Article III [Content];
  3. 3. Moderators are not Administrators, but Administrators can moderate. This is important in denoting the access moderators have; all of Article II applies to Moderators, but not necessarily to Administrators;
  4. 4. Moderators can never see your private messages, sign into your account, or otherwise view personal data secured by your username, password, or 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) if enabled;
  5. 5. Moderators are given freedom of discretion to take action if they believe a rule has been broken or the site is at risk;

    1. a. To mitigate any content or behavior that may put the site at risk, Moderators have the ability to;

      1. i. Delete comments
      2. ii. Delete posts on the “Global Feed” and in “The Forums”
      3. iii. Disable accounts that engage in activity against our rules
      4. iv. Terminate accounts that engage in activity against our rules
      5. v. Blacklist users that engage in activity against our rules

  6. 6. In most incidents involving abuse, harassment, or defamatory behavior, the answer will be termination of membership for the member at fault. Moderators aren’t obligated to provide “strikes” or communicate beyond confirming the details of what happened and taking action;
  7. 7. Moderators reserve the right to terminate a membership due to a profile that is blank, missing critical information (such as a member’s age/birthday) or has misleading, random, or illegal material.

Article III - Content

As a Member or Moderator, you agree that:

  1. 1. MxM is a kink/fetish site for adult men interested in feet and weight fetishes such as trampling and squashing, with many other crossover kinks in rotation - seeing this type of content should be expected during Membership;
  2. 2. Content rules are made in accordance with United States law, and MxM has no obligation to accommodate differences in law of other countries. Compliance with local law is your responsibility;
  3. 3. Absolutely no content against US law is permitted on MxM - ever. You agree that violating this rule terminates your membership, and will be reported to the appropriate authorities;
  4. 4. Crushfilm is forbidden by United States federal law (H.R.5566 - Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010) and also MxM - violators will have their account terminated;
  5. 5. Content (such as writing, artwork, photography, or videography) referencing or depicting persons below the legal age is forbidden – violators will have their account terminated;

    1. a. Written posts within the Forums (whereas it’s clearly implied that a personal experience is being discussed) are allowed. Written materials are inherently protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution - and therefore by MxM.

  6. 6. Members and Moderators uphold privacy and copyright law by (1) never uploading amateur photo(s) or video that could compromise the identity of someone else, unless explicit permission has been granted to share this content; (2) avoiding the re-upload of content shared someone else by the Originator - without permission to do so; (3) never sharing content that is being sold by someone else or intended for sale; (4) never duplicating/re-uploading the content of an MxM member outside the site without their consent;

    1. a. Members discovered to be duplicating/re-uploading the content of another member outside the site without permission will be blacklisted and their account terminated.
    2. b. DMCA law (“Digital Millennium Copyright Act”) and requests take priority over MxM rules, and content found to violate a claimed copyright will be swiftly removed. Your account may be disabled, terminated, and blacklisted for repeated violations.

  7. 7. Any content uploaded to the site must involve adult males - female content is prohibited by MxM;

    1. a. The only exceptions to this are;

      1. i. posts within explicitly non-fetish forums
      2. ii. fetish forums where the content is said to be allowed in the description

  8. 8. Nudity and sex are permitted on the site so long as they sufficiently relate to kink/fetish;
  9. 9. While we understand that you may have additional kinks/fetishes, we ask that you adhere to the core of what MxM v4 (https://net.mxmifc.com) is built upon. Moderators may remove content believed by MxM to be out of scope of our website’s interests, with or without notice;
  10. 10. Members and Moderators who knowingly violate the content policy (Article III) may face removal of their account.

Article IV – Liability and Appeals

As a member or moderator, you agree that:

  1. 1. MxM may disable, terminate your account, or cease providing you with all or part of our services at any time for any or no reason;

    1. a. MxM may especially exercise this right if we believe:

      1. i. a member violated our Terms of Service
      2. ii. a member creates risk or possible legal exposure for MxM
      3. iii. a member should be removed due to unlawful conduct
      4. iv. a member should be removed due to prolonged inactivity
      5. v. our provision of our services to you is no longer commercially viable

  2. 2. If MxM exercises its right to remove you from the service, we will attempt to notify you via the email address associated with your account;

    1. a. In such a case that you are removed, the Terms of Service shall terminate for you. This includes, without limitation, your license to use our services;
    2. b. If you believe that your account was terminated in error, you can file an appeal following the steps found on our Support Portal.

  3. 3. Any use/reliance on MxM content or materials posted via our services (or obtained by you through the services we offer) is at your own risk;

    1. a. We don’t endorse, represent, or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content or communications posted using our services - nor do we endorse any opinions expressed via our services.

  4. 4. You may be exposed to content that is offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate - yes, even on an adult fetish site - while using the services provided by MxM;
  5. 5. All content is the sole responsibility of the person who originated it. Outside of our ongoing moderation practices intended to protect the site, we cannot take responsibility for content belonging to someone else.